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Art Therapy

I was motivated by a TedTalk I saw on drawing which inspired me to start drawing. The talk was about someone who decided to draw something everyday for a year and that is what I also decided to do.
I started with things that I knew how to draw as a child and slowly started experimenting. I saw online videos and posts about art. I tried a myriad of different mediums. I started with simple coloring pencils and then moved on to crayon, markers, water color paints, acrylic paints, calligraphy pens, sponges, beads, etc.
I saw myself evolve from very basic to somewhat interesting. I am not able to draw something everyday but I keep my eyes open for things to inspire me and I eventually end up doing something or the other.
I have used words in my art and I have made art to support my words as well. Sharing a few images with you to show you my journey. This is one of the many ways that I am managing to keep my sanity and find myself during these scary times.
You can see my art journey from Day 1 to Day 59 on my Instagram account as well. []