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It creeps up and hits hard where it hurts

I find myself going from smiling to sobbing in zero seconds flat

I have been depressed before but it’s different this time

This time it seems like the tunnel will never end

The break of dawn seems like a delusional concept

I want to run away, from everyone and everything

I want to keep running until I leave this pain behind

All attachment seems like shackles

I don’t want to die though

I know I am needed and to some extent even loved

I know I can’t stay away from my kids for long

Eventually I will run back to them

But for now I just want to run away

I want to get lost in the hope of finding myself

How it Feels…

It gets overwhelming sometimes.

The depression sets in and starts to suffocate.

I feel the prick of tears at the back of my eyes, it stings.

I take deep calming breaths, just like they say you should.

Doesn’t really help because I’m drowning as I breathe in as well.

I recall all the verses I can and start reciting them, repeatedly, desperately, pleadingly.

Then I take some more deep breaths and start pacing wherever I am, hoping it will help.

Finally I remind myself as I often have to do, to take it one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time and sometimes even a few seconds at a time.

This too shall pass…..

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