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Reach Out

He felt stuck and suffocated. He had reached out for help so many times and from so many people that he had started to feel like a beggar.

All his life he had heard people tell him that patience bears fruit, that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, that is it always darkest before the dawn and other such nonsense but he seemed to be stuck in a night of eternal despair.

Even when the morning came, it did not bring hope and today he decided would be the last time he ever reached out but he also promised himself that it would be his best effort to do so.

The light was too far from his reach so he closed his eyes, touched his finger to the ever-evasive speck of light on the horizon and felt a strong spiritual energy enter and fill the emptiness he had felt within his heart and soul. For the first time in forever he smiled and then his heart stopped beating, bringing his misery to an end.