The Best Day of My Life

I wake up to the sound of birds chirping outside my window

I smell the scent of my baby sleeping next to me

I see the flowers on my dressing and they make me smile

I drink my morning tea in bed and plan my day

I talk to my brother and he makes me laugh at the silly things happening back home

I play with my children and my little one gives me his five signature kisses and tells me he loves me

I hug them and hold them close

We play plants vs. zombies and I play the zombie like always

We take out the kiddie pool in our garden and have a water fight, me, him and our kids

The evening is spent having tea and snacks with our close friends and family with heartwarming yet laughter inducing discussions, we laugh until we snort out our tea and our sides hurt

The night is spent lounging around in our PJs, reading books and drinking tea 

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