The Power of Words

We all use them
In speech or in writing
Sometimes we seem to forget their power
We fail to see them igniting and inciting

They can be healing
They can also be hurtful
We need to decide how to use them
To lift others up but never to make them miserable

Once spoken can never be taken back
The gash we cause can become a scar
These scars aren’t just skin deep
They burn the heart and make the soul char

They don’t have to be abusive
Sometimes good words can be used badly
They right compliment at the wrong time
The correction of a mistake publicly

The weapon we use the most
To cause the deepest wound
The ones we could use to heal
But instead we use to bully around

Someone used them to humiliate me
To break me down and debase me
I decided to use better words to rebuild myself
To tell myself that person doesn’t even know me

Please I beg you; I implore you
Use them carefully and cautiously
Think before you choose and use them repeatedly
You never know how they affect someone’s integrity

Lyrics from a Cher Song:
Day 16


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