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Apple Sauce for Babies

Met up with some friends yesterday and we were discussing things we feed our babies. One of them recommended apple sauce and so I made some today. My 8 month old likes salty stuff instead of sweet so added salt to the recipe instead of sugar.
So I took an apple (soft green one) and cored and peeled it. My baby nibbled on the core while I peeled the apple.

Then I cut it into smaller pieces and put it to boil in enough water to immerse the apple pieces.


Once the apples were a little soft I mashed them but ideally if you have an immersion/stick blender then use that.


Then I tasted it (was yummy enough to tempt me to eat it and wonder why I never made it for myself). I let it cool for a bit and then put it in a baby food jar (my mommy got me those) and stored it for use. I think it will be used multiple times.

IMG_9806 IMG_9807

He had some of it, a few bites which is a good start for me. Glad he liked it enough to take more than one bite.
Hope this helps you all as well.