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A visit to the pediatrician

So took my baby to the doctors for one of his many vaccinations. Our doctor is quite senior and has a nice clinic in his basement where he sees his patients. The waiting room is really nice with jungle book characters painted on the walls, animal chairs, toy trucks to play with and a fish aquarium as well.

There are many parents usually with children of all ages waiting for their turns. Have visited the clinic many times now but the last visit was worth mentioning and writing about.
We first saw a lady hit her babies care giver (another little 9-10 year old boy) on his head for not listening to her fast enough. It made me very angry especially now that I have a child of my own.

Next I saw the father of twin babies and an older child threaten to slap his older son in front of everyone for fiddling with a chair that his mothers feet were resting on. Felt mortified for the little boy who was probably feeling neglected and bored enough as it is.

Next I had a chat with a little girl who took great pleasure in telling me that her brother was here to see the doctor because he is quite unwell and differing from loose motions.

Overall it isn’t really something to write him about I guess. But I found that visit quite interesting as it shows is different facets of people, their thoughts and their actions. How different people think and act is something I always find fascinating and insightful.