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Tragedy Strikes

Today I attended another funeral, there were three dead bodies laid out in one room which gave me sense of dejavu which I never thought I would nor ever wanted to experience again. There were again three bodies in one room, again one parent and two children, another room turned into a morgue. Another room of crying, sobbing and wailing mothers and sisters and brothers, seeing off their loved ones to a place from where no one returns.

As I entered the room and laid my eyes on the bodies I realized that the two children in their early teens would never smile again. Their mother called out my name and told me to see her two princes as they lied on their very last beds before the grave. I went to her side and hugged her but I had no words of comfort to offer. There are much worse days and nights ahead of her where she will miss them and crave to see them again. Yes I know they are in a better place but that doesn’t make it easier, not for me and I’m sure not for them either.

I remember how intelligent they both were, their school trophies filled a table in their drawing room, their brother showed them off proudly to us. I remember their smiles and how shy and well behaved they both were. I remember how helpful and kind they were. I also recall how old and mature they were for their age.

It is tragedies like these that makes one realize how unpredictable this gift or trial of life actually is. It is incidents and moments like this that one realizes that one is only a puppet and that God throws the dice and man only moves as per his destiny. Maybe this is just God’s way. He makes such beautiful people at times that you love them automatically and He then makes them His own so that the ones who love them are left thinking about them and missing them. The leave in a void that those who loved them will never be able to fill.