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Waiting for Inevitable Tragedy

A dear friend’s mother is critically ill and in the hospital on life support since over 72 hours now. Doctors have given up on her and have clearly told family members that she will not survive. She is hooked onto the ventilator however her life saving medication has been stopped, so that she can cease to exist naturally.

It is hard to imagine how it would feel for family members to watch and wait for a key member of their family to pass away. While they know that they can’t save her, they do know that they can keep her breathing (if not alive) for a little more time.

What should well wishers do in such a circumstance, go to the hospital or to the family members, to watch while they wait and say words of comfort or selfishly wait for the person to die, to go and condole and sympathise?

These are situations where one can only wonder what the master plan is behind it? Feels like this would be the worst kind of torture for the family members and even perhaps for the person who is leaving this world.

May Allah protect us all, forgive us & our loved ones and prevent us in being in a situation which requires so much patience and strength. Ameen.