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Searching for Allah

Latest goal in life is to somehow form a relationship with Allah. Been searching for a way to do it. Prayer is of course one way but its not getting me where I want to go. Someone advised that Zikr is a way of doing that but how can one connect in a language that is foreign. Trying to change my habit of referring to Him as Tu instead of Aap but that will take time. Feel that it is important to give Him respect and maintain a relationship that is somewhat formal. 

Another thing that worries me is that if I were to talk to Allah how do I begin the conversation. Do I need to introduce myself cause I think He already knows all that I think and all that I am and probably knows me better than I know myself.

How does one talk to Allah and what should one tell Someone who knows everything there is to know about you. Already knows all your wants, needs, dreams and desires. Already knows your sorrow, pain and grief.

A friend told me that the fact that I am seeking such a relationship is proof that He wants me to do so and will help me succeed in achieving it. I hope and pray that she is right. Maybe its time to be spiritual & religious. 

Ending with a prayer that this prayer/goal/target is answered/achieved. Ameen!