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Flood Relief

Dear Fellow Pakistanis,

You may have heard that we have recently been faced by a number of calamities, first an air crash into the hills of Margalla and then the floods which are no longer just limited to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but also Punjab, Sind and Baluchistan. While the media has now started to look into the issues after finally getting over a the death of a certain prominent personality in Karachi and the resultant violence and deaths, it is time to take bigger measures. Looking back at the earthquake in 2005 when people were more driven and took initiatives on their own this time that zeal and enthusiasm to help a brother/sister in need is no longer seemingly as strong. What has gone wrong? What excuse to we have for being this insensitive and nonchalant when people are dying and we need to be active in saving them.

I can understand that Karachi was less active because of the law and order situation which again is cause by the same reasons of self interest and insensitivity to bigger causes. We are once again divided as a nation at a time when we should all come together and help those in need. The biggest problem that people seen to have and the major excuse they come up with is, our leaders don’t care and we are no longer as well off as we were in 2005. Please give me a break. That is like saying that I don’t pray because my religious leader is a hypocrite. We don’t pray because our religious leaders tell us to, we do it to go to Heaven and because that’s what Allah and our Prophet told us to. Similarly we won’t be asked why did your government or President not to anything, we will be asked what did you do.

Please wake up and help the people in need. Come together as brothers and sisters at this hour before its too late and you find yourself a victim and without help because you were too busy, lazy or indifferent to the needs of others. Do all that you can do so that you can feel proud of yourself as an individual and encourage those around you to do something as well so that you can feel like part of a group and later a nation. A country like Pakistan which came together in 2005 and can do that again in 2010 because we are like that. We are resilient and we bounce back, decades of poor governance has not hampered our spirits so why should we despair now?

Ramadan is fast approaching and so is Independence Day, let’s prove ourselves to be good Muslims who believe in charity and helping their brothers and sisters and good Pakistanis who come together when their country is drowning and needs to be thrown a lifeline. Let’s begin today, do something today to help the flood victims, donate clothes, shoes, utensils, food, etc. Look at local initiatives to see what you can do for them and begin small and become big. May Allah be with us all at this time of trial and help us unite to help those who need us to step up for them. Ameen.

A Hopeful Optimistic Resilient Pakistani

Musings From A Bad Day

There are so many things I want to and maybe need to write about. I need to take a blank piece of paper and use it as a canvas to paint everything in my mind on it using a pen as a paint brush. But the fear of what will appear on the paper is still deeply instilled. I still long to be myself, still long to be alone, all alone in a place where I can feel like myself. But where in this city is that place? Will I ever find it or will I lose myself in my search for it?

My new best friend – SLEEP! Not exactly dependable but at least it holds me and eases my worries as well as it can. It helps me forget.

Thinking about what went wrong,
I’m no longer all that strong
I sit and stare out the window,
There is only a bare wall beyond
Where is the green garden,
Where is that swaying branch?
Why isn’t the doorbell ringing,
Where are the incessant bells of the phone?
I miss everything dear and familiar,
I crave the feeling that I do belong,
It can’t go on like this, I know
There must be something I can do for sure.